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And if you are to love,

Love as the moon loves;

It does not steal the night –

It only unveils the beauty of the dark

Isra al-thibeh

Nyx, with it’s hand beaded lace, is unlike any other wedding dress. She’s demure yet daring, effortless and confident. With high neckline and full length gown and sleeve you can be forgiven in thinking she hides herself away – yet her figure hugging style, completely backless design and cutaway lining reveal a strength of attitude unrivaled.

The images her are from a shoot with Rachael Burton Photography at Eden Barn… soon to appear on the blog.

Nyx as also appeared in the following shoots and publications


Where it’s been featured…


LGBT Heavy Metal Shoot with Clear hearts Planning

Scarborough Tattoo Show with Peacock Obscura

Nyx Legend Bridal Black wedding gown Scarbotrough Tattoo Show

I fell in love with disco styled shoot with Tiree Dawson and Typical Type

black hand beaded lace





Rachael Burton Photography